About Us

Creative hand-dyed tie dye clothing and accessories and handmade jewelry. Store open Tues thru Thurs from 11am to 4pm. Also evenings and weekends by appointment, please call


Dyegirls Designs was started in 2013 by longtime friends Meegan Collier and Taylor Arvanian, looking for a fun activity and an outlet for their creativity. What started as a fun day of tie dye, soon turned into much more than that. They soon wanted to know more and more, and 2 months later, the days of Tulip dye from Walmart were a thing of the past. 

Ever since, Dyegirls Designs has been creating professional looking tie dyes with Procion Mx dyes from Dharma Trading Co. Their method of pre-soak, dye mixing, post-rinse and wash and dry has been the process that creates their beautiful long-lasting colorful and creative clothing, that no one in the area can come close to. 

Dyegirls Designs recently dyed 50 shirts for the band Roots of Creation for their tour, and also dyed 180 shirts for Penuches Ale House in Keene, Nashua and Concord. The band, The Elovators, can also be seen sporting Dyegirls Designs tees!